Mobile Advertising Ad Formats

Native Ad Builder

Build and serve your own native ad creatives inside SPX!


  • Choose a template from the following IAB-standard native ad formats: Content Wall, App Wall, News Feed, Chat List, Carousel, Content Stream – or create a custom format
  • Serve that native creative to your inventory through a direct order
  • Display a native creative by setting up a Native Adspace in SPX and on the property. Here’s how: Integration Guide

Why Native Ads?

  • Higher eCPMs on your app traffic
  • Higher click-through rate
  • Improved user experience

Can I enable Native Ads with API integration?

  • Smaato supports API and SDK integration

VAST Video

VAST Video provides a common ad response format for mobile video advertising. In any VAST-compliant player, Smaato now supports linear, full-screen, pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video, with or without companion ads.

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VAST on the Smaato Publisher Platform delivers:

  • Higher eCPMS and click-through rates
  • Reporting and analytics with our SDK
  • VAST video player with our SDK

VAST on the Smaato Publisher Platform supports:

  • iOS and Android
  • MG4 and 3GP formats
  • SDK and API integration

Expandable Banner

Interactive format which allows the mobile ad unit to expand from a traditional size to a larger size. This ad unit utilizes the expansion feature. The ad unit starts out collapsed and expands after a click. Collapsed size is 300x50px (MMA) or 320x50px (iab). Expanded size 300x250px (MMA) or 320x480px (iab).


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Interactive Banner

This interstitial ad unit can be seen in mobile apps. The user is encouraged to interact with the ad unit through playing a game. The ad unit will then give the user the option to click out to video, or visit the advertisements landing page. Requires user action to initiate / activate /execute the ad unit.

Interactive Mobile Banner Advertising

Standard Ad Units

Standard Ad Units is an interactive and/or non-interactive ad unit displayed on a mobile web page and/or mobile application.

Standard Mobile Advertising Units
  • Medium Rectangle (300x250px)
  • Rectangle (180x150px)
  • Leaderboard (728x90px)
  • Skyscraper (160x600px)
  • Half Page Ad (300x600px)
  • XXLarge (320x50px & 320x53px)
  • XLarge (300x50px & 300x75px)
  • Large (216x36px & 216x54px)
  • Medium (168x28px & 168x42px)
  • Small (120x20px & 120x30px)
  • Micro Bar (88x31px)
  • Text Ad Units